So smart and attractive they'll swear this backpack takes after you.

One Handed Open

An innovative, ‘squirming toddler’-proof opening mechanism that lets you get in and out of your bag with just one hand.

Two All-Purpose Pouches

Two spacious storage pouches with see-through front panels so you know exactly what’s where - and never have to sacrifice your hand to something mysteriously mushy.

4-Way Stretch External Bottle Pockets

Stretchy side pockets for water bottles or milk bottles of any size (including your afternoon can of cold brew).

External Side Pockets

We added some handy helpers on the side to hold your personal items like phone, keys, wallet, and emergency gummy bears.

Quick Access Pocket

An exterior, “favorite child” pocket for easy access to your go-to items.

Double Full-Length Zippers

Full-length zippers down both sides of the bag to make it easy to clean or track down any small items trying to play hide ‘n seek.

Cushy Backpack Straps

Straps straight from heaven - as in, they’re wide, have 2 types of thick, long-lasting foam in their inner core so you can wear the backpack comfortably for long walks on the beach...or to the splash pad

Adjustable Interior Divider

A movable interior shelf that lets you divide and conquer items that need to stay separate from one another (unless you’re into wet socks mingling with Goldfish crackers).

Interior Storage Pockets

Lots of interior mesh pockets (zippered, of course) so you can store and see all of those important “etc.” items like chapstick, sunscreen, and that weird rock your child asked you to hold.