Hi, my name is Meng and I’m the Founder of Huhu.

This all started when my younger son was around 10 months old. Gone were the days when I could pop him into a carrier and walk out the door without having to pack up half the house. The simple act of packing up for a short outing felt incredibly stressful. I would spend time assembling everything that my kids needed, only to never be able to find anything, because my diaper bag had turned into a giant black hole of…stuff.

I’ve hired and retired more diaper bags than I care to admit. (Okay fine, the number is 7. Seven demoted diaper bags.) I kept wishing I could Frankenstein them all into one perfect, hyper-functional carry-all.

Eventually I asked myself - maybe I should go make this? So I took the leap and did it. For the past year, I obsessed over (and road-tested) every detail of the Everyday Diaper Backpack; preparing me to basically become a stork hellbent on delivering this bundle of joy. Beyond being the most organized, efficient diaper bag you’ll ever own, I hope Huhu makes you feel like parent of the year. A big task for a diaper bag, but then again, we love a good challenge.