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What's in Your Dad Bag? With Nick Selman, Head of Growth at Tinkergarten

Are “emotional support Hot Wheels” a thing in your household? If not, maybe they should be. 'Loads of Hot Wheels' is perhaps our favorite answer yet to Huhu’s “What’s in your diaper bag?” series, which asks business, tech, and parenting industry leaders to share their diaper bag essentials. And in the Selman household, there are never enough toy cars. 

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Expert Tips for Flying with a Baby or Toddler
Stressful flyer? Why don’t you add a toddler and an infant to the mix? Extra baggage, flight delays, and wiggly bodies in tiny seats will make you second guess your decision to go anywhere at all. But it doesn’t have to be too terrible. With the right preparation, your trip will be just fine—and it doesn’t last forever. Before you book flights or stress-pack for your next family vacation, read our Q&A with two travel experts. 
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