Top 5 Must-Have Baby Gear for Dads

Top 5 Must-Have Baby Gear for Dads

Baby gear may sound like it’s for the baby, but you — the parents — are the ones lugging it all around. So it makes sense to get things you like. Dads haven’t always had an easy time finding baby gear that doesn’t look like they borrowed it from a woman’s closet. And while that might be some dads’ preference (hey, you do you), for the dads that want a more gender-neutral or masculine style, here are our favorites. 

Must-have baby gear for dads #1: a diaper backpack

You’re going to be carrying around more than you ever have before, and you don’t want a tote-style bag that will slide off your shoulder. A diaper backpack is the best way to keep everything you need in quick reach. Huhu’s Everyday Diaper Backpack has a gender-neutral look, and it has ample pockets to make sure both the baby’s things and yours are easily accessible. 

Must-have baby gear for dads #2: a baby carrier

A comfortable baby carrier is a must for everything from outdoor adventures to carrying the baby while you wash dishes. While there are tons of cute prints out there, we know most dads feel more comfortable in something that doesn’t look like their grandma’s bedspread.

Opt for one of our favorites: the Ergobaby Omni 360 in basic black or Bjorn Baby Carrier FreeThey’re both made to last until your baby’s…well, not a baby anymore. 

Must-have baby gear for dads #3: wireless headphones

Unless you end up with one of those unicorn babies that likes to hang out alone and sleep in its bassinet for hours, chances are good that you’ll be holding that baby a lot. Wireless headphones like Apple’s Airpods Pro allow you to listen to music or a podcast or even watch tv without disturbing the sleeping baby on your chest. And if you’ve got a baby that prefers to scream while being rocked to sleep, consider some noise-canceling headphones like these Beats Studio3 wireless headphones

Must-have baby gear for dads #4: a baby tracker

Perhaps you swore to yourself that you’d never keep track of a baby’s bowel movements. Perhaps you didn’t even know that was a thing. But here you are.
The Talli one-touch tracker is perfect for the tech or data-loving dad. It keeps track of everything from feedings to sleep, sets reminders, and syncs with an app on your phone. Plus, it’s simple enough that even the grandparents can press the appropriate button when they’re (hopefully) babysitting so you can have a night out.

Must-have baby gear for dads #5: a jogging stroller

If you’re a runner, there’s no better way to up the ante on your workouts than pushing a baby stroller up a hill. 

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 has all the bells and whistles and is a cinch to maneuver on runs. The canopy can pull all the way down to cover your baby, which helps with those in-stroller naps. Plus, it has adjustable handlebars, so it can fit the taller and shorter folks in your family. 

Note that most jogging strollers are not appropriate until a baby is approximately six months old.